Things you should know about India before doing an internship in abroad?

Incredible India is what is called! India is a beautiful and culturally rich land. India is known for the beautiful scenery, a land of mountains, beaches, north is cold and snow clad and south is warm and filled with sunshine beaches. Country of many temples and many gods! Here are few things you should know before taking an internship in abroad.

India is developing fast. Industrial revolution and increase of Information technology have made it the most promising country. There are a lot of multinational companies placing their offices here in India to get quality workforce. All types of industries are here. Start from well-known Bollywood of song and dance. Many opportunities for film making internship. Speaking of Bollywood how can we not include fashion. India has given some of the great fashion names like Aishwarya rai, Sushmita Sen etc as Miss world and Miss India boasting the fashion and modelling industry. People like Aishwarya Rai and Sonam Kapoor are the face of a big fashion brand and commercial products. A lot is here to do for the fashion industry in India.

India is such a hospitable and secular state that it has too many cultures and people coming from different cultures can mingle together and stay in harmony. People are friendly and helpful. India’s colorful cotton clothing is best for understanding the textile internship. A lot of inspiration is here in India right from Buddhist chants and Buddhist monastery to old monuments like Taj mahal.

Different types of civil engineering marvels and architectural projects to intern for. Different kinds of machinery and engineering opportunities in Computer as India has become one of the hub for BPO s and It outsourcing place.

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