Guidelines for college students & young professionals seeking Tech career: Turn to Internship.

With a humungous growth in Information Technology and media attention to Tech Giants like Google, Facebook etc. All the students want a technical career very profoundly called as tech career. Student follows the CEOs and other professionals as their role models and follow their career path but is there any proper channel or any coaching which may lead to the successful career in Technology? It’s here to discuss.

Students are naïve not all have role models in their family to reach upon. Most of the students go for extra coaching, online learning etc to map up their skills and prepare a career plan. If they are lucky they might get a good mentor in school or college or within the family rest depend on career planners, aptitude tests for intelligence and all. Some see results some don’t. But the best thing is to get proper guidance and know what you are good at and what you can do to define your tech career path is to have a real job experience. Turn your head to Internships.

Here are a few guidelines where you can achieve a great internship and help your tech career grow in the right direction.

The internship requires time to be spent on the live project and project site: Look for the internships which provide project level experience. Spend time in office. Know the project better by reading related documents.

Earn credits on our assignment from college. To utilise your internship on your university credit make sure that the assignments are completely and a complete learning of the project is achieved. To earn academic credits only hours spent in office are notconsidered. The academic work completed during internship also matters. So keep up with your studies too.

Find a mentor: College students should find a professor as your mentor under whom you can discuss your work and meet periodically.

Site supervisor: Your work record will be completed by your site supervisor. They are supposed to mentor your work and take things to the management. Be clear on your assignments and take necessary help required from them. They are great to create a business network and send recommendations which can do wonders for your tech career.

Team work and networking. Be cordial with the team. Run by companies’ guidelines and do not break any rules. Try to seek good relations with the team members and take interest in their work.

All the above guidelines will help you find a proper channel in your dream job. PursueAsia helps students to gain momentum in their thoughts and provide them with proper opportunity and mentorship.

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