This is How You Should Add Internship Experience to Your Resume

It’s often annoying to find that a potential employer is looking for a candidate with 3-4 years of experience, while you have only have a long list of unpaid internships on your resume. Will you get the job or will your CV be flung out of the window within seconds? Well, fret not, for HR experts say good internships do add value to your resume. For your benefit, here are a few tips to consider the relevance of an internship for your portfolio.

Analyze the brand value
Understand the legitimacy of the internship. If you don’t believe in it, chances are that your interviewer would also refuse it. Some employers treat internships as a serious professional experience. Be confident about the training and include in your CV. If you are applying to an IT company’s job vacancy and you have experience in event management, pay heed to logic and skip including it into your portfolio.

Evaluate acquired skills
Internship experience is varied. While some organizations are serious about internships, in India, many organizations have a bad name for making interns do petty things that would never help them grow professionally. You need to understand that just interning with a big brand isn’t enough. You need to know if you have learnt worthwhile that would help you work in the company you have applied for. Evaluate what projects you completed and what special skills did you learn.

What are the achievements?
While including an internship in your CV, make bullet points of the responsibilities and achievements. Leadership during internship isn’t common but you can definitely enlist your ideas that helped the organization meet its targets.

Ask for a personal testimonial
while most organizations hand you a certificate of internship after successful completion, its better to ask for a personal testimonial from your boss. Here, he can personally judge your achievements. This would become a letter of recommendation in the long run.


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