7 steps to finding your ideal internship abroad in 2016

How to find an internship abroad right now

1. Think about what you want to gain from the experience

Why do you want to go abroad? Will this be your first time outside of the country or do you want to spend a longer time somewhere you’ve been before? Maybe you’ve traveled in Latin America and you’re interested in getting more familiar with the culture. Or perhaps you’re drawn to Europe in order to understand its rich history. Whatever it is that draws you to an international opportunity, listen to it and use that reason to propel you forward.

2. Narrow down your list of possible destinations

Are there any regions that especially interest you? Where would you like to travel? Consider the different aspects of various cultures and cities in order to narrow down where you would like to go. Get a Word document going and make a list of pros and cons for different destinations and do a little research. When you’re done, pick 2 possible destination cities and rank them according to how much you would like to be placed there.

3. Choose your career field(s)

Consider your studies and career goals. What would you like to get out of an internship in order to prepare you for your career? This is your chance to test out a career that interests you and see if it could work for you long term. Don’t be afraid to dream big and think about where you would like to be in five or even ten years. What kind of internship could help you get you there?

4. Think about the language learning opportunities

What are your expectations in terms of exposure to a foreign language and picking up foreign language skills? If you’re interested in an English-only experience, it’s a good idea to seek an internship based in Australia, England or The United States. Madrid and Medellin are excellent places to learn Spanish – languages are provided with the experience. Anyone interested in Mandarin or Cantonese should consider an internship in Hong Kong.

5. Sell your friends and family on the idea

It’s important to keep your parents and friends in mind when you do decide to go abroad. There’s a chance that they may not be comfortable with sending you thousands of miles away. Talk about all of the career benefits an internship abroad can offer and how the time you’re gone will fly by.

6. Apply

Once you know what destination and internship sector you’re most interested in and have convinced the people you love to let you go, it’s time to get your application sent off. Fill out this form online and then schedule your interview with one of The Intern Group’s Admissions Officers. After your interview, you’ll be notified about whether or not you’ve been accepted into the program within 2-3 business days.


7. Prepare yourself for an international adventure

Do some Googling, pick up some travel books and search your destination on Pinterest so that you begin your experience abroad already armed with some prior knowledge of the country’s history and the best places for weekend travel. A little research beforehand will help you make the most of every moment that you have abroad. Though the experience will present its challenges, interning abroad will change you in so many different and positive ways. The world will become a bigger, more complex place and you’ll begin to understand all that you don’t know. It’s exhilarating and overwhelming and wonderful all at the same time.

Source- theinterngroup.com

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