Fashion industry is diverse and vast. How can you carve a niche for yourself?

A career in fashion may appear glamorous and highly rewarding, but it can be demanding. It’s a very competitive world where peaceful creative’s and energetic planners have to work together to keep up with fast changing styles and trends for an audience who are spoilt for choice.

Being a fashion designer is considered to be one of the most noticeable professions in the business, but for this, aptitude and ability are necessary. Here are some pointers which will help formulate a career in the fashion industry.

Fashion internship: The best way to start your career is through an internship. Even if you’ve learnt something related to fashion in your college or university nobody can beat real-world experience. You have to be completely open to learning everything from the scratch. A fashion internship enables you to grow your skills. Moreover, an internship would help you face a job interview and could land you with a permanent job at the end.

Select small: Apart from Vogue and Fashion TV, there are many additional players in the industry. The most important lesson a candidate can get is by starting their career with a startup or with a small agency where you can explore and learn more through practical experiences and accomplishments with individual efforts and get deserving acknowledgment for your work.

Like all other startups in various sectors, fashion start-ups, too, mainly depend on interns for their work. Your contribution to startups can provide dual benefits — exposure and experience.

Online presence: Use different types of social networks and search engines to keep track of the fashion platforms in your area and overseas. Most organizations keep a link to their jobs page. There are also numerous sites that assist as hubs for jobs in the fashion business. Social media sites are a great place to look out for job opportunities as well.

Make a habit of reading these pages on a daily basis and apply as soon as anything comes up. It is also important to highlight your strong points and indicate clearly how they will benefit the company in the cover letter.

Keep track of skills gained: As with any job, it is vital to have a confident mindset, even while doing monotonous tasks. Update your resume every time you learn something new or master a skill. You would be stunned to know how quickly your resume spreads out in the industry.

Recognize your dream fashion career: One of the best things candidates can do is to identify their dream career and start focusing on the areas they need to know to accomplish their goal. It is true that it may take years to gain that kind of understanding, but once that is achieved, it becomes easier to flourish in it.

Don’t be afraid to ask: Asking to do something is the best way to improve your skills and knowledge about the industry. If you are curious to know more about the fashion industry, why not ask the person responsible for it or simply observe the process? Finding out an adviser in the organization is also one of the best ways in which you can acquire knowledge.

In the meantime, you should do the following:

Keep moving: Fashion industry wants people with diverse talents. They require writers, business developers, photographers, planners, designers, accountants, project leaders, and marketers and so on. Choose as per your strength.

Take initiative: Making a blog or voicing your opinion on social media is one of the best ways to shape up a network and gain acknowledgment in the fashion world. Even if your future company has never heard of you, presenting them with what you have accomplished in your extra time gives you a huge step up. Forming an online platform today is easier than ever. Use it to share your thoughts, aspirations and special style of presenting your write ups, creative skills and editorial skills with the concerned people in the industry.

Track fashion trends: Stay up to date with what is happening in and around the fashion industry. A relaxed way to do this is by following a few well known personalities in the industry or media houses on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on.

Scanning and keeping a note of the hot topics and newest fashion news on a day-to-day basis will enable you to be knowledgeable enough to form an opinion and provide valuable inputs once you join any organization or fashion house.

One may wonder which fashion career would suit him/her best. Candidates can choose as per their personality and aptitude. Here are a few recommendations and thoughts for getting started:

Sales and marketing: This is where design and trade interconnect. Designers initially need to get their product to the marketplace. Merchants keep a track and observe fashion trends and customer trends. There are many alternatives that fall below the “merchandising” umbrella. Retail management is an important one. This is also regarded as an under-appreciated professional path. Candidates can make decent money and get an understanding of a large number of brands, promotional plans and learn how to deal with people in the industry.

Visual production/styling: These are two separate streams, but likely corresponding careers. With the increase in celebrity statuses across the globe, it is certainly a career that is on the rise in visibility standings. A degree isn’t completely essential, but again, having some understanding of figures, business and communications is important. Networking is perhaps more significant in designing than in any other career.

Public relations: PR is the central person among a product, retailer and a consumer. PR representatives are in charge of maintaining a clean image of the product and making sure that people are discussing about it. Their job is to make a brand appear likeable in the industry. An attractive and friendly character is an absolute must in this field. A degree in communications, advertising, or business along with an internship in a reputed organization will get you there.

Fashion journalist: If you love to write and love fashion too, the opportunity to report and weigh on what’s going on in the world of fashion has never been better. Magazines are growing their online presence and employing bloggers to describe microscopic news in the industry. You can also write for trade magazines, PR agencies or relevant e-commerce sites, too.

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