Plan your summer break

Five reasons why you should pursue an internship this summer.

Soon the exam fever will be over and the much awaited summer holidays will begin. Apart from catching up on sleep and the missed episodes of your favourite sitcom, you can use your summer break to give your career a head start. How? By  doing  an internship.

An internship, by definition, is a short stint with a company (8-10 weeks during summer) where a student gets to work on a real life project, in a real office, under the guidance of a mentor. You not only get to learn a lot but may also get paid for it. If doing an internship is not already on your to-do list for the summer, here are five reasons why you should.

Career interests: An internship is like a test drive for your career. It helps you discover your true passion and prepares you to build a career in it.

New skills: During an internship, you can pick up new skills that are usually not taught inside a classroom. Not only do you get to experience how theoretical knowledge is applied in the real world, but you can also pick up many soft skills such as teamwork, time management and effective communication.

Build a network: A workplace is an opportunity for you to meet lot of new people from different walks of life and build relations with them. A recommendation letter from your mentor or a connecting email from a workplace colleague can pave way for your dream job when you graduate.

Build your resume: An internship on your resume speaks volumes about your skills and potential and will give you an edge over other candidates when the time comes to look for a full time job. Nothing says ‘You can do the job’ better than a past example of actually having done it.

Stipend: You can experience the adrenaline rush of receiving your first pay check. Further, an internship may require you to move to a new city and learn to live on your own.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on what could possibly be the best experience of your college life and start looking for a great summer internship today.


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