Why are Internships important for College Students?

It used to be a matter of celebration if someone would get a normal graduate degree in olden times but as the time has changed and the competition has drastically increased people struggle on getting best professional degrees to do well in corporate but even that is not enough these days. The trend of internships has really changed the minds of recruiters. If you have already done the internships during your college course you chances of getting recruited increases and even the package goes above if you have experienced the industry before.

Internships are absolutely beneficial for the students as they groom them in terms of personality and prepare them for the corporate. At least you don’t get that blow if you are already known to your industry. The best thing is as an intern if you make few mistakes you are forgiven easily by your seniors because they know that you are still learning but as an employee you are never forgiven because they are paying you a decent amount for which they want something fruitful.

It is statistically proved that employers consider your internships to recognize talent. Internships build new contacts which can further help you in finding the right job. Internships give you a break from monotonous theory class. They prove you that theoretical study is different from what you are expected to do in real industry. There is an added benefit too, as there are many companies who provide stipend to students, thus you can earn while being in college and this is an amazing feeling.

A very important factor of doing internships is you get to realize that whether you have chosen the right field for you or not. It is very usual for all college students to dream of going into various fields during college because theoretically everything looks easy but until you really get into it you will never be able to take right decision for your life.

An internship can change your life. Many students change their profiles after doing internships because they understand that the particular profile is not appropriate for them. Besides this, a eureka kind of thing might happen to you like you can discover something which can really transform your thinking and you can explore a new creativity in you which you have never realized.

Thus, when you come back from an internship you feel fresh to choose your options and you become more mature and sensible by that time. This is how internships help you in shaping you career as well as your personality.

Average colleges in India provide generally one internship to their students but good colleges like NIFT provide three internships during the whole course which is much appreciable. However, it depends on students how much internship they can manage on their own other than college. It is highly recommendable to do as much internships you can do in your college tenure as it makes your path easy for future.

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