How to make your internship sound best in resume

Resumes are like envelopes of letters by reading which you get an insight what will be inside it.Students and Graduates constantly try to make good resumes to get a proper break in the respective industry.Our education system gives us knowledge of how the technology or trend was invented or discovered.It is the look in the past and how work progressed but once you want to get an employer to look at the candidate he looks for the things he can provide to grow his business. That’s where people pay more attention to the relative job experience and vocational training or internships from reputed companies.

No one reads the resumes line by line each employer wants to just filter the requirements he is looking for the job.Here are the tips mentioned below where you can make your internship a highlight of your resume.

  1. After the general introduction about yourself add the goal of your career.Mention the way how you can use the internship knowledge for your future employer to grow his business.
  2. You can also add a separate section for internships and training just after the education section.Highlight the companies you have worked during internships and job responsibilities handled.
  3. Mention the certificates or appreciation letter received from the company providing internships in your resume.
  4. Show how you are still connected to the company and are involved in their business network.Employees always want to know if you have good terms with your previous employers and how you can bring new contacts to their business.

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