India Internship Program-PursueAsia

India is one of the world’s growing economies. India has a diverse culture and a good geographical position. Regardless of religion, race, and colorit has the place for all. Before gaining independence also, India had a lot of potential for business. The agriculture, export, tourism, and mining are famous since a far beyond era.

The textile industry is well-developed, many countries visit to study the process. The labor is cheap so many of the textile companies have set up profitable factories to get huge production for imports. Another industry which is flourishing is the Information technology and service industry. Many BPO of multinational companies has been established in metropolitan cities and are creating huge revenues for the country. IT outsourcing is a prominent business now in a service industry.

Huge requirements for skilled IT professionals in the world are fulfilled by India. As India has good relations with almost all the countries of the world it becomes easier for people to come here and work. India is fast changing, construction and Infrastructure are at par with any developed nation .Students from all good universities are opting for further studies and research and development work in India.

Indian ports are world famous and lot of trade happens here many startup’s and multinational companies of logistic and supply chain are opening their offices in India and lot of jobs have been created so far.Internships done from these companies provide good work experience and detailed knowledge of the process. India has a diverse culture so here is lot see and observe so tourism industry is also flourishing. The ancient crafts, traditions and flavorful food attract people to come at least once and visit India.

PursueAsia is one such company which has a good presence in India from past few years and it is offering competent Internship programs in almost all sectors of work whether it’s engineering, textile, tourism, fashion designing or management. The company arranges good arrival and accommodation facilities to the students and places them to metropolitan cities of the country which has all modern facilities and the open work culture.Internships done from India has a global acknowledgment too!

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