5 Reasons Why Internship is Essential to Your Career

Friends around me have already completed their internship during school holidays, well except for me. I think it is time that I keep my options open for internship opportunities. I used to think that internship isn’t important, but reality is going to hit me real hard if I don’t start looking for one right now. With Pursueasia.com, I can start my Internship Singapore job search immediately!


I believe there are many students out there like me who may be unaware of the importance of internships. If this mindset is not changed, ultimately this could lead to potential problems of not being able to find your dream job after graduation.

  1. A Stepping Stone to your Career: Being an intern could mean that you are snagging a higher opportunity for the full-term position at the company. Many employers prefer to hire interns because it is cheaper and they also want to “test out” any potential employees that they may deem fit for the culture of their organization. Yes, it’s probably one of the saddest but very realistic truths about internships. Having an internship also means that you have an edge over the rest who don’t. After all, employers are likely to pick the best candidates out of the whole bunch
  2. Gaining Experience and Knowledge: Another sad truth isn’t it? Many job positions require relevant job experience for at least 1 year. If every job has the same challenging requirement, then where are you going to gain that experience? The answer lies within internships, yet again. Internships are easier to find as compared to full-time jobs, but it is probably equally effective in terms of gaining experience.

Internship programs also provide a platform for you to learn something new from   your fellow colleagues or employers. True enough, there is tons of mundane and repetitive work to complete as an intern, but there will be chances for you to learn some skills along the way.

  1. Real Networking Opportunities: Social media can be a really useful and interesting way of networking with people. But to be successful in your career, social media networking isn’t enough. Real networking comes in when you communicate, interact and develop interpersonal relationships with your colleagues at work. Being smart and hardworking is not sufficient if you don’t have the connections. Take the chance to learn from the people in the field and continue building effective relationships with them. You never know when you might need help from these connections. (Always build genuine relationships though!)
  2. Get a Real-world Perspective about the Job: Have you ever wondered how working is like in reality? Perhaps you have always assumed that a particular job is like that because of the surrounding stereotypes. Unfortunately, reality does not always match up to your expectations. #this is life. Seeking help and asking for opinions from your fellow peers or family members could be quite useful, but the best way is still about gaining personal experience through an internship!
  3. “Test Drive” Your Career- While it is possible that an employer hires an intern in order to test out if the candidate is truly suitable for the job position, you can also apply for an internship for the same purpose. You do know that frequently changing jobs can be damaging to your reputation right? But sometimes it’s not that easy to find a perfect job fit. This is when an internship comes in handy for you to discover your real hidden interests. It is better to figure out what you really want before you graduate, and not be stuck in a career that you dread day and night afterwards.

Source- mons-diary.blogspot

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