Hotel Management Internship –Learn Global Hospitality

The global hospitality industry is seeing an upward swing since past few years and fuelling its growth are some of the factors like efficient capital markets, balanced demand and supply, rise in number of newer properties and increased action on mergers and acquisitions front, globally. What is also adding to the industry’s growth is ever increasing number of tourists ready to explore the world and its beautiful sights! As vacations have become more of a necessity due to increased stress, the need to get away coupled with increased disposable income is resulting in more and more number of people ready to go out and about in search of experiences, not just plain old vacations!

What makes it work? Like any industry, one of the core strength is its personnel. Strong and efficient leadership and professional staff combined with the desire to provide its guests a wonderful stay and a memorable vacation. So, how do you get to be a part of such a wondrous industry? A degree in Hospitality and Tourism and an international internship will make sure that you land yourself your dream job.

As an intern, you will learn about administration, accounting functions, front office etiquettes, housekeeping, hospitality, event planning, menu planning and design, tourism, management, business development et cetera and will have a chance to work with hotels, resorts, conference centre, tourism offices and information centres in countries around the world.

Successful students get placed at the reception, work with senior management at internationally recognized hotels as well as in marketing and communications for local hotels and resorts and also at casinos, cruise ships, Bed and breakfasts, catering companies. Interns may also get a chance to work with some of the best tour companies around the world.

As an intern in the hospitality sector, you will also learn about the qualities one must have to be successful in this field. Some of the qualities employers look out for are –

Rapport building – In this industry, a lot depends on the kind of rapport you can build and manage with clients, vendors, fellow workers and management. Relationship building, vendor management, guest relations, leadership are some of the qualities you should possess and continually work upon in order to excel at them.

Ability to multi task – Whether you are at an entry level or are a part of senior management, ability to multi task is one of the crucial quality you must possess. A lot goes on in a hotel or a resort and ability to handle all that along with the daily responsibilities is a must.

Attention to detail – While the whole package is what attracts the customers, what turns them into a regular is the ability to pay attention to every little detail that a guest might need or require, even before they would ask for it while also paying attention if the carpet is clean or not, if the staff is wearing clean uniform, if the flowers arranged are fresh, if the décor is done tastefully and so forth.

Knowledge of software used in hotels – Take effort to learn and understand what are the software’s used in a hotel and try and excel at it.

Know at least one foreign language is a must. As travellers now are not shy to explore newer places and regions, knowledge of one or more foreign language is a must.

Adaptable – You decided to be a part of this field knowing well that this isn’t that good old regular 9 to 5 job – which also means that you will have longer working hours and you should be able to take up one task after another.

Under the guidance of top professionals of the Industry, you will gain the technical know-how and the much needed hands-on training that companies look out for when hiring a full time employee. For those of you looking to pursue a career in the hospitality industry, an international internship will provide you with ample opportunities.

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