Law Internship-Global Opportunity

A competitive and diverse field such as Law will require that you give your heart and soul while you study, add to it some practical experience gained through internship and voila you have the perfect outcome. While you managed to gain an admission into the law school of your choice, what will add value to it is an internship abroad. An internship abroad will not only be the icing on the cake for your resume, it will help you learn and understand various practical aspects of the Law.

Major areas of law practice are – Bankruptcy, Business/ Corporate Law, Civil Rights, Criminal Defence, Environmental, Entertainment, Estate law, Family and Divorce, Government, Immigration, Military, Paralegal, Personal Injury, Private practice, Public Interest, Toxic Tort and Trail.

Although your responsibilities as an intern might differ from firm to firm and the area of law practice in which you are interning, you will have a chance to work with lawyers and assist them on their on-going projects, help with law research, clerical work, meetings with the clients and help seniors and/or mentors with case management, analyse courtroom sessions, understand the paperwork and other formalities and observe and understand activities specific to the area of law for which you are interning.

A good lawyer is not restricted to the technical knowledge associated with his/her field of law rather there are some qualities that he/she must possess in order to excel and become a successful lawyer. Mentioned below are some of the qualities intern should start working on early in their career so as to not be bogged down when an exciting opportunity arises.

  • Creativity – Ability to think out of the box when complex scenario arises
  • Interpersonal skills – Ability to develop a good rapport with fellow workers and everyone else they work with
  • Perseverance – Just as they “Rome was not built in a day”, similarly cases are generally not a one day affair and will require a lot of time and effort to win the case.
  • Public speaking skills – Needless to say, a good lawyer should be able to put across the points in a clear and concise manner in front of the courtroom
  • Language proficiency – With international law on rise, it is only advisable that lawyers take up learning a language or two
  • Reading comprehension – Ability to go through and understand large documents with complex information
  • Writing skills – A prerequisite as a good lawyer is able to produce compelling arguments, briefs, motions, and other legal documents

An international internship will be instrumental in grooming you for a bright future ahead and also train you on the above mentioned qualities through their various projects and assignments.

We, at PursueAsia, understand the importance of internship in a student’s life.An internship with a global company will translate into an invaluable work experience. You will have a chance to network with fellow interns and with people of various departments, both at the firm you are interning and at the clients/ vendors, thus leaving you with an extensive professional network.

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