Human Resource Internship-Insights

While organizations, big or small, deal with globalization, digital revolution, fierce competition, there is one department that can make it or break it for the organization – Human Resource. Human resource/ employees play the crucial part and are one of the key factors determining the success of any organization. The Human Resource industry, like any other industry, has undergone a lot of changes and is no longer just a department that hires people, rather it has emerged as a partner helping organizations take strategic decisions and ensure smooth functioning in a dynamic environment.

As HR moves from being just one of the departments in an organization, it becomes imperative that today’s HR is business integrated, data driven and is proficient at not just identifying the talent but also at retaining it. Although a lot of development has taken place in this field, some of the research studies show that there is still a gap between what is expected and what is delivered. And this calls for a transformation – transformation in the way HR functions, the ease with which HR embraces technological change and the capability and vision to replace traditional HR with new age techniques building a team of competent business partners.

And what does all these translate to for a student specializing in HR? A world of opportunities await you. There is much to be done and an industry that is undergoing fundamental changes would require skilled professionals to help with the makeover journey. As an HR student, you might be studying about the need for a new vision and better practices but all that will remain just a theory if not put into practice. The first step then would be to undertake an internship. As an intern, you will have a chance to get the close look at an industry and understand the daily workings and therefore develop the understanding to appreciate the bigger picture. You will see the theories turn into practical decisions and acquire the skills required. Any projects undertaken during the internship will only add value and help you better understand the core concepts.

As an HR professional, you aren’t limited to just hiring and firing people. The scope of an HR professional is wide – recruitment and staffing, compensation/payroll, employee benefits, talent management, training and development, workforce planning, employee relations, legal, compliance et cetera are some of the sub departments of HR and you could choose to work as a full time employee in any of these. Once you gather enough experience, you can work as a consultant as well.

How and where does PursueAsia come into picture? We have already emphasized on the importance of an internship. What would add more value into that internship of yours is the kind of company and environment in which you intern. In this age of globalization, it only makes sense to intern with an international firm. Why? An internship with a global company will give you the much needed exposure and groom you into a professional who not just has his/her concepts clear but also has the technical know-how and understands what keeps the industry running.

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