Students choose internship fast-track to job opportunities

A student’s life is important in many ways more than one. After much thought and consideration, you choose the field of study, lay out a plan for the career you want and start building the foundation for a brighter future ahead. This is also a time where you are exposed to many opportunities and experiences and the time when you will be forming long lasting friendships and build a network of fellow students and professors who will help you sail through an important journey in your life.

As a student, getting good marks/ grades is just one side of the coin. Having some experience and the technical know-how is another. So how would you go about it? Competition is fierce and the companies are always looking out for people who have some experience. Recent trends suggest that companies would prefer the students who took up internship at their organization. Upon successful completion, chances are that the company you are interning with will offer you a full time position. Not only it will save company’s time and effort from finding a new employee and training him her from the scratch, it will also give you an upper hand as you will have a fair idea as to how does the company work and has understood and adjusted to the work culture.

An internship will introduce you to the industry and the kind of work involved. And better still an internship with an international company will put you ahead of the competition – set you apart. Also, an internship with an international company will give you a lot of exposure when it comes to getting to know the industry and its people. Put your career into fast track when you enrol for our global internship program. Our flagship internship program covers a host of companies in India and Dubai and you get the global advantage when you sign up with us. An internship with a global company will not only help you hone your technical skills but also add the much-needed weight to your resume.

Why a Global internship? In this age of globalization and digitization, where the pace of development is very fast, you as a student, would want to be ready for the opportunity when it comes and not the other way round. You can’t start to prepare when the opportunity knocks. Take for example, IT industry – a dynamic industry that is witnessing major changes and development the world over or the Finance sector which is recovering from the onslaught. Both India and Dubai are on the fast track to development and the time is right to make the most of opportunities available in these sectors.

We, at PursueAsia, work as a bridge to build the gap between companies and students. PursueAsia, in collaboration with some of the best companies globally, can help you get that dream internship of yours.