An International Internship can Prove to be the guiding light towards your career point

The most important part in a student’s life, other than an admission in one of the best colleges, is internship. While you may have many opportunities in your home town, in a different city (other than your home town if you are studying in a different city), and chances are that they might be the best place you could intern at – crème de la crème. But wait – before you jump to any conclusion, read this article on international internship and then decide what would be the best course of action, not just in the present time but keeping your future, your career in mind. Now you may say why intern abroad?

Mentioned below are the benefits of an international internship program to the students–

Boost to the resume – First and foremost, an international internship adds the much needed weight to the resume. Apart from enhanced knowledge, it will also be instrumental when it comes to looking for a full time employment. Companies now a days look for candidates who have knowledge of the industry and understand the nature of work involved, the technical know-how.

Networking opportunities – An internship as such is the perfect place to start building your professional network but when you intern abroad, it automatically widens your professional circle as you will get to work with people from different backgrounds and ethnicity. You may also get a chance to interact with clients, thus helping you understand what does a client want and how best to approach the assignment/ project.

Cross cultural sensitivity – In this age of globalization, cross cultural sensitivity is an important factor. When a potential employer will see an international internship on your resume, it will automatically help you stand out against the competition, leaving you with higher chances of getting that job offer.

Help with the academics – Stating the obvious here, but then still. An international internship will help you see things in a new perspective and may prove to be very helpful with your academics and/ or research.

Employment opportunities – Companies now a days prefer to hire interns as their full time employees since they already have a fair idea of the company’s work culture and the nature of work involved. It also saves company’s resources – time and money – to search and hire new employees – a win-win situation.

Global experience – Work culture differ from country to country and company to company. And an international internship will help you gain a different perspective on the issues at hand and how best to approach them. This experience of working with fellow interns and employees in an international organization will definitely give you a new perspective and help you see things differently. No doubt, it will work like an added advantage.

Gain independence – When you intern abroad, you are on your own – away from friends and family and the familiar places. To strive in a new environment, completely different from yours, will push out of your comfort zone and broaden your horizons.

Language proficiency – An internship abroad might require you to learn a new language or you might end up knowing and learning the language that you thought you know very well, all over again. A new language or an increased proficiency will always work in your favour in this age of globalization.

All in all, an internship abroad will speak volumes about you to your future employer. It’s a living proof that you are not afraid to stick it out in a new environment and can adapt to it quite easily. It will also prove that you are a go-getter and can navigate your way into a new environment, not just literally but metaphorically as well.