Internship in Marketing -Accelerate your Career

Marketing makes the world go round…literally! Without marketing, consumers will never know what exists in the market and how it could be of any use to them. And without marketing, companies will never be able to reach out to their target consumers. Marketing is no more limited to traditional forms of marketing. Digital marketing has taken the industry by storm through its varied forms of marketing – mobiles, computers, emails, SEO, outbound to inbound, blogging, social media et cetera. Marketing efforts are increasingly becoming consumer centric, especially now that consumers are becoming more and more aware of the varied products and services on offer. Another important factor at work here is the technology and the lightning speed at which it’s developing.

Although marketing as an industry has been evolving more so in the last few years, specific events that range way back in time gave way to what we now understand marketing and its various aspects – from the emergence of magazines in early 1700s to first paid advertising in newspaper in early 1800s to earliest recorded use of billboards in late 1800s to universities offering courses in Marketing in early 1900s et cetera. The list goes on. In today’s era when the competition is at its best and the race to capture larger market every company’s dream and strategy, this dynamic marketing industry is ever ready with newer ideas and innovations to reach out to customers and to woo them.

Marketing as a field of study primarily deals with imparting education on the developing and current marketing trends. There is a huge demand for professionals in the likes of marketing manager, brand manager, corporate sales, market research analyst, sales manager, media planner, product manager, digital marketing et cetera. Students of marketing have a lot of opportunities both in Government as well as in private sector.

For a dynamic industry like this, the opportunities are aplenty, what it needs is skilled professionals. Companies are always on the lookout for qualified professionals who have hands-on experience and technical know-how. And the best way to gain an experience and get a taste of what the industry is actually like is by taking up an internship. The best way to make the most of opportunities is to take up an internship with a global company. An internship with a global company will give you a lot of exposure when it comes to getting to know the industry and its people. This is a perfect time to network and build professional relationships. Taking up projects, both at the firm you are interning with and at college will go a long way in clearing your concepts and building a strong foundation on which you can build a successful career in Marketing. For more information please visit :