Internship in Manufacturing Industry : Boost your Career

I am sure the college/university has put you through a lot of study hours and is making you Industry ready by giving you assignments and projects. One thing that will help you stand out in the crowd and further your growth is an internship with one of the best companies.

Global manufacturing industry have undergone a sea of changes over the last few years, with financial services sector being the most prominent factor in changing the fate of manufacturing sector. The overall state of manufacturing sector has been improving and on rise since then, although the growth rate is a bit on the slower side. Governments, the world over, have realised that the manufacturing sector is the backbone of any economy and plays a major role whether it is creating employment or providing a boost to the economy. Reviving manufacturing sector is every country’s priority and the centre of attention for all policy makers.

Although, the manufacturing industry is closely related to engineering and industrial design, the scope of manufacturing industry is not limited to these. A lot of other sectors rely on manufacturing industry – apparel, chemical and allied industry, electronics and electrical equipment, food, furniture and fixtures, leather, lumber and wood, paper, petroleum, transportation et cetera… list can go on and on. As a manufacturing engineering student, there are various opportunities that you can explore. You can be an Industrial engineer, business consultant, research analyst, engineering technician, information system managers et cetera among many others.

Internship at a world-class company will put you ahead of the competition and when you intern with an international company, you not only add weight to the resume and learn the technical know-how; you will learn from the best professionals in the industry. Projects that you will undertake will not only help you with learning better back at college/ university, you will also learn the specific skills required to do a job better – the idea is not to get done with the job but the idea is to do the job as a professional would do and build a better and a brighter future for yourself.