Internship in Fashion Industry : Enhance your Career

Think of fashion and almost all of us get starry-eyed! With retailers doing their best to ensure that their brands reach out to the most relevant segment, the time has come when the fashion comes to us, rather than we customers going to the fashion. One such important step taken by the retailers is the launching of mobile applications that run along with the website to let customers enjoy shop-on the go experience and help them track their orders right from their smart phones. Some of the retailers like Flipkart, Myntra have done away with the website altogether and are now functioning solely on the mobile application – and it has only helped them reach out to more number of customers.
Global fashion industry is a perfect example of globalization where raw material is sourced from one country, processed in another and then sold worldwide. The industry has come a long way from being a custom made to mass production. It has been one of the major source of employment to many a workers and with the current development, it will continue to be one for many years to come, with manufacturing hub moving to developing and emerging economies.
Going by the activities, the fashion industry can primarily be divided into 4 levels –
• Production of raw materials
• Manufacturing
• Retail sales
• Advertising and promotional activities
These levels can further be divided into different departments/sectors – ones which work with the only goal in mind – providing the best of fashion to its end customer keeping in mind the latest trends while also driving good margin to the company – a perfect win-win situation.
A dynamic industry like this one, with rapid growth and development will always need skilled professionals who can spearhead its growth. And the best way to gain an experience is by taking up an internship. As an intern, you have a chance to understand the industry better and gain hands-on experience. This will help you to better understand the concepts you study at the college/ university and also prove to be quite helpful when the time comes to take up research projects at the college/university and/or at the firm you are interning. All these will prepare you for the opportunities and challenges that lies ahead. Upon successful completion, you do not only have credits added to your coursework, you will also have a network of interns and professionals from the industry you want to pursue your career in. A good network paves way for professional development and growth.