Internship in Textile Industry – Get Involved

“I hear and I forget.
I see and I remember.
I do and I understand”
This saying by Confucius stands true in almost all areas of our lives, and more so when we are still young and are out and about laying foundation for a better life ahead. While a degree from college/ university may give you theoretical knowledge, an internship gives you hands-on experience and a better understanding of that theoretical knowledge.

Textile industry has come a long way to become what it is today. Industrial Revolution along with the much required interference by WTO put this industry into a fast forward track – a thriving industry in a liberal environment that is experiencing a lot of opportunities, for both job provider and job seeker.
Primarily concerned with design and production of yarn, cloth and clothing, the textile industry has come a long way in the last decade or so. Industry witnessed some of the major changes during 20th Century with rapid development and innovations with regard to machinery, synthetic fibre, logistics and globalization. The results of which were evident in the 21st Century. In 2002, textiles and apparel manufacturing accounted for $400 billion in global exports, representing 6% of world trade and 8% of world trade in manufactured goods.
While pursuing your graduation, you would have explored the basics of color, texture and form, learnt about the properties of different yarns, fibres, dyes and fabrics while taking a peek into the history of the textile industry. As an intern, you will get have a chance to learn the practical side of it, how to apply that knowledge in your day-to-day working. You will get a hands-on experience which will help you understand the basics and learn the concepts that you learnt theoretically and also your chance to get a feel of the industry, how it works and what it takes to be a successful professional.
PursueAsia, in collaboration with some of the best companies, will give you a global advantage with their global internship program. An internship with a global company can open a lot of doors for you as a fresher. You will have a chance to network with fellow interns along with people of various departments, both at the firm you are interning and at the clients/ vendors. This will help you gain an understanding of where you stand and what the industry demands/wants. Taking up projects is another good way of gaining hands-on experience and building a strong foundation on which you can build a successful career in Textile Industry.
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