Think of Internship in Supply Chain & Logistics Industry

Supply Chain & Logistics industry, globally, has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past years or so and has seen many changes in the way it operates. It is no longer a boring job but a field full of opportunities and vast possibilities for professional growth. And no, supply chain companies don’t need fork lifters at all times. There is a huge demand for professional across the fields of high tech, analytics, robotics, engineering, managers, marketers, analysts, supply chain automation, software and systems integration et cetera.
Supply chain is a vast field that is involved right from the procurement to production to packaging, dispatch (sea freight/ air freight), customs clearance, warehousing, storage and finally end customer delivery. Almost each industry, whether it is food and beverages, aerospace & defence, automotive, consumer goods, furniture, grocery & pharmacy, manufacturing, retail et cetera, is now focusing on a strong supply chain, either in house or outsourced. Although the magnitude of such services changes with the nature of business.
With such a high growth rate, Supply Chain & Logistics industry have created a lot of employment globally and will continue to do so for the years to come. An evolving industry needs professionals who can take care of their business. And that’s a good news for the students. How? Companies are always on the lookout for qualified professionals who have hands-on experience and technical know-how. And the best way to gain an experience and get a taste of what the industry is actually like is by taking up an internship. You can see and experience this industry in all its glory, up, close and personal when you intern with some of the best companies that PursueAsia has collaborated with.
There are various kinds of jobs available under Supply chain and logistics but they fall under 4 main categories, namely – Procurement, Production, Inventory and Distribution. As an intern, you may have a chance to experience all the four verticals if the company you are interning with have a rotational policy, thus giving you a wholesome experience. You may also choose to intern in one of the areas based on your interests.
An internship with a global company will give you a lot of exposure when it comes to getting to know the industry and its people. This is a perfect time to network and build professional relationships. Taking up projects, both at the firm you are interning with and at college will go a long way in clearing your concepts and building a strong foundation on which you can build a successful career in Supply Chain & Logistics.